A Pioneer in Off-Site Construction

For more than two decades, Gerard “Gerry” McCaughey has guided home builders in making the transition from stick building to offsite construction – to provide higher-quality, more sustainable structures that also boost revenue and maximize profitability.

In promoting Fully Integrated Off-Site Solutions™ (FIOSS™) in Europe, McCaughey grew Century Homes from a start-up operation with four employees into one of the largest off-site construction companies on that continent, with five manufacturing facilities and 700 employees. In the process, he also built one of the world’s first zero-carbon houses.

After the sale of Century Homes in 2005 for more than $100 million, McCaughey is now working “across the pond,” supporting the efforts of builders in the United States to modernize their construction processes. By leveraging his unparalleled experience, he aims to reduce builder’s risks as they gain long-term competitive advantages.

News and Events

Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Gerard McCaughey, CEO of Entekra, shares his experience and success of modular construction from Ireland. In this short video, he describes the value of the modular construction process and how it can help reduce the amount of labor needed, which will be key to the success of the housing industry...
Friday, October 06, 2017
Entrekra’s Gerard McCaughey puts a UK perspective on holistic built vs. U.S. penchant for stick built. Modular, panelized, and manufactured home construction have been marketed as time-saving alternatives to stick building, but the real disrupter for the U.S. home building industry could be...

Off-Site Construction delivers a much faster build cycle than stick-framing

Photos of a typical first day of on-site assembly