Gerard "Gerry" McCaughey
Gerard “Gerry” McCaughey is internationally respected as an authority in the field of off-site construction. Named “Industry Entrepreneur of the Year” by Ernst and Young, McCaughey was a driving force behind Europe’s transition to off-site construction of wood frame homes with modern methods of construction and often confers with leaders around the globe on issues related to home building. Today McCaughey is continuing his disruptive ways as Chairman and Founder of California start-up Entekra, which is changing how homes are built in the United States with its Fully Integrated Off-Site Solution™ – FIOSS™. In 1990, McCaughey co-founded Century Homes with his father and brother, and as the Chief Executive Officer, he grew the company from a start-up operation with four employees into Europe’s largest unit producer of off-site built structures. In 2005, when Century was acquired by building materials giant Kingspan Group for $100 million and McCaughey was subsequently named CEO of Kingspan Century, the company had 650 employees, operating five manufacturing facilities and producing 8,000 units annually for markets in Europe and Asia.
Following the grant of an O-1 visa as an individual with extraordinary ability, due to his unrivaled expertise in the off-site sector, McCaughey relocated to the United States. From 2009 to 2016, he served as Chief Executive of Los Angeles-based Infineco, an executive-level strategy consulting and investment firm for businesses making the transition to off-site construction, sustainable building and clean energy. In this role, he raised more than $75 million for U.S. companies, providing them with the capital to effectively exploit new technologies and attain market leadership positions. In co-founding Entekra in late 2016 and assembling a management team with unmatched experience in off-site construction, McCaughey has set out to replicate in the United States the success he had building the off-site industry in Europe.
Gerry MaCaughey entrepreneur of the year award
Gerry MaCaughey with Marren Buffett
Gerry MaCaughey
Gerry MaCaughey receives environmental award


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