“The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts” – Aristotle

Gerard McCaughey explains the synergistic approach of a Fully Integrated Off-Site Solution (FIOSS™) in this article published on LInkedIn.

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McCaughey Addresses the Reluctance to Change in the Construction Industry

To address the slow adoption of modern methods of construction in the United States, as well as its ramifications, Gerry McCaughey penned the article “The Most Dangerous Words in the English Language.” Read article

As California Prepares for Zero Net Energy Standards in 2020, McCaughey Describes How Europeans Have Built Greener Homes for Nearly Two Decades

As new energy-efficiency standards face California home builders in 2020, Entekra CEO Gerry McCaughey, who oversaw the construction of one of the world’s first net-zero energy homes, details how Europeans have been building more sustainable homes with fully-integrated off-site solutions since the 1990s.  McCaughey’s article, “How Europeans Build Greener Homes with Off-Site Construction and Manufacturing,” can be viewed here.