Gerard McCaughey has dedicated his entire career to helping builders maximize efficiency and boost profitability with off-site construction. As a trailblazer with modern methods of construction, he has amassed three decades of unequaled experience by conceptualizing and introducing numerous technological advancements and process improvements that are now considered industry standards.

During his 17 years of leadership at Century, McCaughey and his team spearheaded several industry firsts, including the construction of the first off-site built six-story structure and the UK’s first Level 6 carbon neutral home, “Lighthouse.” He was granted numerous patents for off-site manufacturing processes and equipment, while honors bestowed upon him and his company for entrepreneurship, quality and environmental stewardship earned Century a world-wide reputation as an innovator in all aspects of off-site construction.

Gerry McCaughey trailblazer in modern methods of construction
Gerry McCaughey: Then and Now

Achievements in Off-Site Construction – By the Numbers